23 – 26 October 2018
Berlin, Germany

Call for Entries

VISAP Program 2018

Papers and Annotated Portfolios

Session 1: Arts & Society

Wednesday, 24 October, 9 am, Room IV

Seeking New Ways to Visually Represent Uncertainty in Data: What We Can Learn from the Fine Arts
Aaron Hill, Clare Churchouse, Michael Schober

Paper (PDF)

Process of simulating tree rings for immigration in the U.S.
Pedro Cruz, John Wihbey, Avni Ghael, Steve Costa, Ruan Chao, Felipe Shibuya

Annotated Portfolio (PDF)

Art, Affect and Color: Creating Engaging Expressive Scientific Visualizations
Francesca Samsel, Lyn Bartram, Annie Bares

Paper (PDF)

Designing Beautiful Evidence in an Era of Complexity. When Graphics reveal Global Social Changes and Issues
David Bihanic

Annotated Portfolio (PDF)

Invited artist talks: Mauro Martino, Benedikt Groß, Paul Heinicker

Session 2: Paths & Memories

Thursday, 25 October, 9 am, Room IV

Nostalgia: A Human-Machine Transliteration
Raphael Arar

Paper (PDF)

Cycles and (A)symmetry | Exploring the Design of Shareable Personal Visualizations
Charles Perin

Annotated Portfolio (PDF)

Shifted Maps: Revealing spatio-temporal topologies in movement data
Heike Otten, Lennart Hildebrand, Till Nagel, Marian Dörk, Boris Müller

Paper (PDF)

The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols
Pascal Glissmann, Andreas Henrich, Olivier Arcioli

Annotated Portfolio (PDF)

Invited artist talks: Dietmar Offenhuber, Mieka West, Rebecca Ruige Xu

AP without a talk

Data Walking
David Hunter

Annotated Portfolio (PDF)

VISAP Exhibition

Opening: Tuesday, 23 October, 7 pm, Room Paris
Exhibition: Tuesday, 23 October - Friday, 26 October

VISAP’18 Catalogue

Paul Heinicker, Lukáš Likavčan, Qiao Lin, Daria Stupina

Anthropocene Footprints
Mieka West, Sheelagh Carpendale

Art of the March - a Visual Archive of Protest Signs
Alessandra Renzi, Dietmar Offenhuber, Nathan Felde, Christopher Pietsch, Siqi Zhu, Navarjun Singh Grewal

Artificial Senses
Kim F. Albrecht

Bloodie Writes an Anthem
Rebecca Ruige Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai

Hyemi Song

Decomposition of Human Portraits
Jieliang Luo, Sam Green

Embodied Sonic Meditation: Resonance of the Heart
Jiayue Cecilia Wu, Donghao Ren

Flights to Rome
Benedikt Groß, Stephan Bogner, Herwig Scherabon

Globalmurmurs: The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols
Pascal Glissmann, Olivier Arcioli, Andreas Henrich

Herbariums of Ancient Chinese Family Trees
Fan Xiang, Shunshan Zhu

Piggy-Back : Collecting Data from those Collecting Other’s Data
Christophe Hurter, Charles Giulioli, Daniel McDuff, Pourang Irani

Simulated dendrochronology of immigrants and natural-borns in United States (1790-2016)
Pedro M. Cruz, John Wihbey, Avni Ghael, Felipe Shibuya

WonderNet - Physicality of Networks
Mauro Martino, Alice Grishchenko, Nima Dehmami, Hendrik Strobelt, Albert-László Barabási

WWI00 {World War One Hundred}
Johannes Liem, Eirini Goudarouli, Steven Hirschorn, Jo Wood, Charles Perin

All installations, demos, and performances in alphabetical order.