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VISAP 2024 Theme: Diverse Data

Data surrounds all life on planet Earth, and in this age of machine learning, there is no corner left untouched by informatic flows. From the smallest nanoparticle to the vast cosmos, we gather data about everything we see, feel, experience, and know. However, data is not only observed externally, but lived experientially through our connection to digital devices, reshaping our embodied experience. As diverse as humans are, data is too. At a social, cultural and philosophical level, this deep interconnection to flows of data has the capacity to add multiple dimensions to human behavior and identity, ultimately offering new modes of being in the world. Therefore, diversity takes on a new significance. While new technologies have given us unprecedented access to many more data streams, we are also exposed to negative uses of data, such as racial, social, class, and gender profiling, copyright infringement and even identity theft. Amidst this background, we are struck by the pressing need to create equitable data aesthetics, aimed at enhancing social good and amplifying marginal voices. In the framework of the VISAP program, how might shining the spotlight on Diverse Data benefit humanity? What messages does data convey about humanity, what narratives does it help shape, and how can we generate new modes of visualization that might also contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion. How can we extend human creativity through new processes and practices that enhance diversity?

Together, we shall explore innovative ways to generate and create with Diverse Data.

Flowing through different concepts and contexts, VISAP'24 Diverse Data seeks original work examining new aesthetics and critical cultures at the intersection of art, science and technology. VISAP'24 Diverse Data welcomes relevant research papers, artwork submissions and pictorials, for presentation in two interrelated tracks (paper/pictorials, or exhibition track) during the IEEE Vis conference timeline. We are seeking innovative and original contributions to the field of data visualization, aesthetics and process that might include but are not limited to the following topics of interest and modes of inquiry:

  • original creative work using generative technologies engaging data and its aesthetic manifestations;

  • experimental and analog processes that enhance new perspectives on a body of data

  • advanced prototypes for eco-critical and sustainable technology in a visualization context;

  • critical and playful data interactions that explore diversity from a social, cultural or political standpoint;

  • creative work that questions the origin of data and its nature;

  • prototype experimental models to visualize information in the context of AR/XR/VR;

  • visualizations of the more-than-human world;

  • contributions to an understanding of planetary ecology and climate change;

  • help to build telematic co-presence in physically remote environments;

  • manifest culturally safe and inclusive practices, such as facilitating impact in social movements (Indigenous futures, Black Lives Matter, 2SLGBTQIA+ and more);

  • narrow the digital divide manifest in the Global South;

  • contribute to building a more equitable world for all.

About VISAP'24

The VIS Arts Program (VISAP) is a mini-conference and exhibition where visualization researchers, designers, and artists come together to showcase and discuss works at the intersection of data visualization, art and design. VISAP'24 is an occasion for international and local audiences to share concepts, exchange ideas, and investigate a multitude of transdisciplinary connections. It is the biggest associated event in the IEEE VIS conference program, connecting media arts practitioners, data scientists, graphic designers, and theoreticians, to foster discussion and collaboration between fields of research and practice.

Research and artworks responding to the theme Diverse Data, can be either submitted to a paper/pictorials track, or to an exhibition track.

VISAP will take place face-to-face and in person. For artists and researchers present in Tampa, there will be an opportunity to connect with the VISAP and local artistic community via talks and/or workshops at our central St. Pete's Beach location.

Accepted works will be published on the official VISAP website and in a dedicated exhibition catalog. Papers and pictorials will be indexed in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

We welcome you as artists to collaborate with artificial intelligence as an innovative co-composer to generate new knowledge in data visualization and processes. However, please be aware that the committee will carefully evaluate whether this usage is fair and appropriate within the boundaries of relevance, ethics, and intention. Please mark any work that is AI generated as being so.