See the full program below for information on the accepted papers, pictorials, and exhibits, or download the VISAP'19 Catalogue (PDF, 12MB). Find the published papers in the proceedings at IEEE Xplore.

Papers and Pictorials

Session 1: AI & Geography

Wednesday, 23 October, 9:00 am, Room 8+15

LOoW: Visualizing Art & Science collaborations (Keynote)
Ingrid Koenic, Randy Lee Cutler

Mapping The Prelude: A Visualisation of Wordsworth's Poetry (Pictorial)
Andrew Richardson
Pictorial (PDF)
Video Preview

Data Brushes: Interactive Style Transfer for Data Art (Paper)
Mahika Dubey, Jasmine Tan Otto, Angus G. Forbes
Video Preview

Infranet: A Geospatial Data-Driven Neuro-Evolutionary Artwork (Paper)
Graham Wakefield, Haru Hyunkyung Ji
Video Preview

Invited artist talks: Ignacio Perez-Messina, Joel Ong, and Daniele Profeta

Session 2: Physical & Environmental

Thursday, 24 October, 9:00 am, Room 2+3

Dustmark and Ozone Tattoos: Autographic displays of air pollution (Pictorial)
Dietmar Offenhuber
Pictorial (PDF)
Video Preview

Data Manifestation: Merging the Human World and Global Climate Change (Paper)
Karin von Ompteda
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Scientific Visualization: Enriching Vocabulary via the Human Hand (Pictorial)
Francesca Samsel, Seth A. Johnson, Annie Bares, Daniel F. Keefe
Pictorial (PDF)
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Embroidering Translations between Digital Art and Design for a Sustainable Environment (Paper)
Rodrigo Rosales González, Ana Carolina Robles Salvador
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Invited artist talks: Sihwa Park, and Wonyoung So

Full proceedings at IEEE Xplore. Find the pictorials above, and the catalogue below.


Opening: Tuesday, 22 October, 6:30pm
Exhibition: Tuesday, 22 October - Friday, 25 October
South Foyer, Vancouver Convention Centre East
VISAP'19 Catalogue (PDF, 12MB)

Joel Ong

Haru Ji, Graham Wakefield

Arctic LiDAR
Daniele Profeta

Borrowed Scenery
Weidi Zhang

Brand Logo Sonification
Sihwa Park

Cartographers of North Korea
Wonyoung So, Fábio Duarte

Distinction Machine
Kim F. Albrecht

Do-It-Yourself visualization
Nil Tuzcu

Yoon Chung Han, Praful Surve

Fog of Finance: Visualising Offshore and the Aesthetics of Uncertainty
Michele Mauri, Ángeles Briones, Jonathan Gray, Daniel Haberly, Chris Anderson, Tommaso Venturini, Michele Invernizzi

Machine Hallucination
Refik Anadol, Julia Pryde Thompson, Alex Morosov. Nick Boss,

Mieka West

The Space Between Characters: Trees of Translation
Ignacio Pérez-Messina, Ilana Levin, Simón López Trujillo

Visualizing Visualizers
Doris Kosminsky, Lucas Barcellos Oliveira, Claudio Esperança

Benjamin Bogart

Beyond Borders Exhibition Opening

Tuesday, 22 October, 6:30pm
South Foyer, Vancouver Convention Centre East

Installations by: Kim F. Albrecht, Refik Anadol, Chris Anderson, Benjamin Bogart, Nick Boss, María de Los Ángeles Briones Rojas, Yoon Chung Han, Fábio Duarte, Jonathan Gray, Daniel Haberly, Haru Hyunkyung Ji, Michele Invernizzi, Ilana Levin, Michele Mauri, Alex Morosov, Joel Ong, Ignacio Pérez-Messina, Daniele Profeta, Wonyoung So, Praful Surve, Julia Pryde Thompson, Simón López Trujillo, Tommaso Venturini, Graham Wakefield, Mieka West

Pictorials by: Annie Bares, Seth A. Johnson, Daniel F. Keefe, Dietmar Offenhuber, Andrew Richardson, Francesca Samsel

Demonstrations by: Claudio Esperança, Doris Kosminsky, Lucas Barcellos Oliveira, Sihwa Park, Nil Tuzcu, Weidi Zhang

Special exhibit: Places & Spaces: Mapping Science. Presented by IEEE VIS keynote speaker Katy Börner.